About new blog

Hello! I recently updated my blog and moved it from hashnode to Jekyll. There are a few reasons that I made it which are;

  • I have always wanted to write blog posts but was too lazy to do it. If I changed my blog, I would be more eager to write.
  • Hashnode and similar websites are limited to updating blog appearance, so I wanted my own design.

Moving to the Jekyll was easy even though I have zero frontend-backend experience and lack of knowledge. I had some dependencies, plugin fails; that’s all. I fixed them with the help of mighty Stackoverflow. The hardest part of this was changing the design. I have used a simple Jekyll template named Brutalist Blog, but it needed some changes to make it the look I wanted.

I have been inspired by several blogs. Julia Evans, sveinhal, Adem Ilter. But mostly from sveinhal. I really loved its design and wanted a similar blog. Firstly, I tried to understand Jekyll template that I use. Tried to debug it and learn which class, file represents where in the design. Html and CSS were unfamiliar to me, but I have come a long way with the help of ChatGPT and my googling skills. There were still bugs, mostly about the responsiveness of the website. At that time, I asked for assistance from my lovely and genius friend Beyza Ince. She solved most of the problems with her frontend skills. With her help, I have understood the Bootstrap. I was using it with bad practices and without knowing its capabilities. After Beyza’s help, I almost achieved what I wished for, with only a few minor bugs and todos left. I have completed the rest quickly.

What I have learned with this challenge was

  • How static site generators (such as Jekyll) work. And it is easy to implement.
  • Html - CSS basics
  • ChatGPT is really helpful, especially for the simple needs.
  • Even though I am good at googling, learning basic concepts and capabilities of the frameworks and languages I use to complete everything faster is essential.

I thought I needed to be an expert on the topic I wrote and that the blog post should be %100 correct. This thought forced me to search and learn everything about the subject I wanted to write about. Eventually, I gave up writing because making mistakes in blog posts was stressful. But thanks to Julia’s excellent blog post Some blogging myths helped me to overcome these thoughts.

I will write about everything about my life, career, learnings, challenges, struggles, etc. I am going to use it as a journal.